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Eleanore Buisson

OUR BLOG An Interview With PGMBM’s Eléonore Buisson With Sciences Po 17 March 2021 One of PGMBM’s many talented paralegals, Eléonore Buisson, recently graduated with a Masters in Economic Law from the Sciences Po Law School, 2020.  Eléonore has spoken with Sciences Po about her law school experiences, her recruitment into PGMBM and her current role’s […]

Peugeot test

news about our work Peugeot And Renault Charged With Diesel Emissions Fraud  21 June 2021 Prosecutors in France have charged both Peugeot and Renault over claims they cheated emissions testing in many of their diesel vehicles.   Senior managers were accused of deceit for using ‘fraudulent strategies’ and committing emissions fraud by falsifying emissions test results and cheating emissions laws, especially in vehicles sold between […]

British Airways Data Breach


Data Protection BRITISH AIRWAYS DATA BREACH On 7th September 2018, British Airways announced that their online reservation systems had been accessed by an unauthorised third party. Between 21 August 2018 and 5 September 2018, the sensitive data of more than 420,000 British Airways customers was compromised. The breach affected customers who had entered or amended […]