Sorry, I don’t speak Legalese: Test Case

 What is a test case?  Test cases are used to provide a clearer definition of a law, or to assess its validity. They are often used by interested groups or individuals who want to:   • Challenge the lawfulness of legislation or how the legislation is being applied   • Obtain a ruling on an untested point of […]

British Airways Data Breach Claim becomes biggest of its kind in the UK

The 2018 BA Data Breach Claim has become the largest group action personal data claim in UK history, with over 16,000 victims seeking compensation from the airline. PGMBM are the lead solicitors in the group litigation case against British Airways on behalf of victims. We expect that victim compensation could be up to £2,000, putting […]

Sorry, I don’t speak Legalese: Barristers v Solicitors

There is often some confusion in the difference between barristers and solicitors. Put simply, barristers tend to represent clients in court, and solicitors tend to carry out a majority of their legal work in an office setting. There are, however, exceptions in each case. What is a Barrister? Barristers, commonly also referred to as ‘counsel’, […]

“Access [to justice] denied” – Municipio de Mariana Ors v BHP Plc BHP Ltd

On 09 November 2020, Mr Justice Turner of the High Court, handed down a judgment that denied the jurisdiction of the English Court to adjudicate the liability of BHP Plc and BHP Ltd on the merits, for the catastrophic consequences caused by the 2015 Fundão dam collapse in Mariana. The judgment struck out the claims of over 200,000 […]

Inquest labels ‘air pollution’ as cause of death for first time ever

After a fresh inquest into the death of a nine-year-old girl concluded that she died as a result of air pollution, theories surrounding the relationship between pollution and ill-health haven been forced into a sickening reality.  Ella Adoo-Kissi-Debrah is the first person in the UK, and possibly even the world, to have air pollution listed as her cause of death.  […]

Sorry, I don’t speak Legalese: Settlement

What is a settlement? A settlement is a resolution reached by the parties involved in a case, rather than one ordered by a judge. Settlements are often achieved through negotiations, or some other form of dispute resolution, and can be reached before or after a judge-led trial begins. Many civil cases are completed in this […]

Sorry, I don’t speak Legalese: No-win, no-fee

What is no-win, no-fee? A no-win, no-fee agreement protects you from paying any legal fees in the event that a case is not successful.  In legal jargon, this is called a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA).  The conditional agreement is between you and the law firm you choose to represent you. It  removes any risk by […]

Sorry, I don’t speak Legalese: Steering Committee

What is a Steering Committee? As the name would suggest, a steering committee helps steer and direct complex litigation. Ordered by court, the committee is made up of a group of legal professionals who make decisions on the overall strategy of a case, carry out administrative tasks, and decide how work will be divided.  Within […]

Sorry, I don’t speak legalese: Compensation

Twenty pounds in English money

What is compensation? In the context of law, compensation is the money you are awarded by a court for loss, damage or suffering.  The amount of money you can receive depends on a number of factors, including:  • The length of time you suffered • The impact it had on your life • How you […]

Sorry, I don’t speak Legalese: Group Litigation

What is group litigation? Group litigations take place when your claim is managed collectively with the claims of other individuals. Courts grant Group Litigation Orders (GLO) when multiple claims give rise to the same issues. Your claim may be treated as part of a group litigation if other claimants are seeking compensation for similar damages […]