Volkswagen and BMW fined $1 billion for emissions cleaning technology

A $1 billion fine has been given to Volkswagen and BMW by the European Commission for ‘colluding to curb the use of emissions cleaning technology’.   While the case is separate from the Dieselgate scandal, which surrounds the use of emissions cheating devices, the fine sets a precedent by extending the application of European competition law to […]

Dieselgate: The VZBZ file lawsuit against Mercedes owners Daimler


Germany’s largest consumer protection group has filed a lawsuit against Daimler to help Mercedes owners get redress over the Dieselgate scandal.  If successful, the lawsuit will set a precedent that would allow Mercedes GLC and GLK car owners to gain compensation over software allegedly used to trick emissions tests in the diesel emissions scandal.  According […]

Sorry, I don’t speak Legalese: Class Action

A class action is when a large group of affected people form a collective claim over a common legal issue. A class action is also sometimes called group litigation.   The class action will form one single claim of representative action against a defendant, person, or organisation for alleged wrongdoing.  Types of class action  Some types […]

PGMBM help settle British Airways Data Breach Claim on confidential terms

As the court-appointed lead solicitors, PGMBM is pleased to announce that litigation with British Airways has been resolved on confidential terms.   The UK mediation between legal representatives for claimants and British Airways Plc was resolved on confidential terms.  Harris Pogust, PGMBM Chairman, said: “We are very pleased to have come to a resolution on this matter after constructive mediation with British Airways. […]

Brazil Forum UK 2021: Possible paths for a fairer Brazil

What is the future for traditional communities? How does the climate crisis affect environmental justice? Which paths does Brazil have? The Brazil Forum UK brought to the conversation fundamental issues regarding the building of a fairer Brazil, with more opportunities for everybody.    From 5 June to 13 June 2021, the event gathered names like Silvio de Almeida, Marina Silva, Erica Malunguinho, Fernando Haddad, […]

Government confirms it will change its hotel quarantine policy

Last week, PGMBM received confirmation from the Government that we had been successful in forcing a U-turn over the costs vulnerable people were incurring as part of the hotel quarantine policy. While the details of how this will work have not yet been laid out, we are reassured that the Government have listened to reason on […]

Peugeot and Renault charged with diesel emissions fraud

Renault Peugeot

Prosecutors in France have charged both Peugeot and Renault over claims they cheated emissions testing in many of their diesel vehicles.   Senior managers were accused of deceit for using ‘fraudulent strategies’ and committing emissions fraud by falsifying emissions test results and cheating emissions laws, especially in vehicles sold between 2009 and 2015.   Renault charges Renault has been ordered to pay €20million (£17.2 million) […]

Former Volkswagen CEO agrees to pay more than 11 million euros over Dieselgate scandal

Volkswagen CEO

Martin Winterkorn, the former CEO of Volkswagen, has agreed to pay more than 11 million euros in compensation to the company over the Dieselgate emissions scandal.   The payment is Winterkorn’s share of a 288 million euro settlement with Volkswagen, himself, and four other former managers.   Duty of care breached   In March, Volkswagen announced that Winterkorn had breached his duty of care. The statement came in conclusion to an internal investigation, and they confirmed that they […]

Securities Group Actions in the UK – Opportunities and Uncertainties for Investors

Group action

It is evident that there has been a marked rise in group securities litigation globally in recent years. This can be traced back to the 2010 US Supreme Court’s decision in Morrison v National Australia Bank 561 US 247 (2010), which restricted the extra-territorial effect of US securities legislation and in turn encouraged shareholders to […]

Parents concerned but clueless about fatal air pollution risks, survey finds

Diesel on road

More than 94% of parents underestimate the fatal impact of air pollution in the UK, new research has revealed.[1] While three-quarters of parents (73%) said they were concerned about the effect of air pollution on their children’s health, the study showed that 60% don’t know if they live in a high or low pollution area […]