Corporate Liability for Environmental Harm: considerations under the Brazilian model

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In countries with great environmental potential, it is common for natural resources to become one of the main sources of national income through public and private investments. In this scenario, Brazil is a reference nation on the subject: in addition to being one of the countries with the greatest ecosystem diversity in the world, the […]

PGMBM lawyers continue to fight back against UK government’s Hotel Quarantine Policy

Hotel quarantine

PGMBM has now issued court proceedings after the government refused to review their controversial hotel quarantine rules. After forcing the government into a U-turn on the costs of hotel quarantine for those facing financial hardship, PGMBM now believes that detaining fully vaccinated people for ten days in a hotel if they have tested negative on […]

Climate Change through the Courts: Trends in Environmental Litigation

Environmental litigation is on the rise as individuals and organisations come to the courts to hold corporations and governments to account under their environmental and human rights obligations. This article provides an overview of recent landmark climate change cases and litigation trends. Milieudefensie v Shell Case On 26 May 2021, the Dutch District Court of […]

How to plead novel issues of foreign law in the English, French, and German courts

Over the past year, students at Sciences Po Law Clinic (Bianca Florea, Enora Lewandowski and Leticia Lopes) have been working with PGMBM on a project investigating the way foreign law is interpreted in the English, French and German courts. Their findings have been published in a report. This post discusses one of the questions considered […]

Class action lawsuits go mainstream

Class action lawsuits used to have an image problem. Too big and too American, they were accused of fuelling an ambulance-chasing legal culture and filling the pockets of opportunistic lawyers. Over the past 12 months, however, the mood has altered. Despite the size and unruliness of their cases, large claimant groups are making headway in […]

Government facing legal action over ‘unlawful’ hotel quarantine policy

Hotel quarantine

A second judicial review is being sought by PGMBM for the Government’s controversial hotel quarantine policy. The Government could end up paying tens of millions of pounds in compensation if they do not change their approach. In July 2021, in the first phase of the judicial review, PGMBM forced the Government into a U-turn on hotel […]

Sorry, I don’t speak legalese: Arbitration

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution? Arbitration is a private court hearing where parties agree to be bound by the decision of the mediator. It is an alternative method to pursuing more formal litigation, which is commonly used to resolve disputes. Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution The main objectives of arbitration include: – Confidentiality – the […]