PGMBM Initiates Legal Action Against Nissan and Renault

PGMBM has announced today that it is taking legal action against vehicle manufacturers Nissan and Renault, following allegations that illegal emissions defeat devices have been fitted in a number of cars and vans. Defeat devices are designed to sense when a car is under specific testing conditions, and accordingly turn on emissions controls, allowing the […]

PGMBM instructs Serle Court in Easyjet Data Breach Litigation

Easyjet logo in data breach litigation

PGMBM has instructed Sophie Holcombe and David Blayney QC of Serle Court in ongoing litigation against the aviation giant easyJet. In May, the airline announced that it had been subjected to a data theft attack, under which the confidential information of over nine million customers had been breached.  In over 2,000 cases, this included credit […]

PGMBM Issues Class Action Claim On Behalf Of easyJet Customers Over Major Data Breach

easyJet Data Breach: PGMBM Issues Class Action Claim On Behalf Of Customers The easyJet data breach was announced by the airline group on 19th May 2020. easyJet publicly admitted that the sensitive personal data of nine million customers from around the world had been exposed in a “sophisticated” data breach. The cyber-attack took place in […]

SPG Law is now PGMBM: Learn about the rebrand

May 13, 2020 Our lawyers are dedicated to helping ordinary people fight for justice against the largest multinational corporations in the world. We are passionate about holding these corporate giants to account for the devastating and often irreparable damage they have inflicted on people and the environment. We are currently taking on companies such as […]

SPG Law instructs Exchange Chambers on “Dieselgate” class action

A number of barristers from Exchange Chambers have been instructed by SPG Law (now PGMBM) to advise on the Volkswagen “Dieselgate” class action. SPG Law/PGMBM are acting for over 16,000 car owners who bought a diesel VW, Audi, Skoda or Seat car between 2008 and 2015. On the 18 September 2015 it was first alleged […]

BHP Billiton ‘woefully negligent’ over Brazil dam collapse

The worst environmental disaster in Brazil’s history has triggered one of the biggest legal claims ever filed in a British court. The Anglo-Australian mining company BHP Billiton is being sued for about £5bn by Brazilian victims of the Samarco dam collapse in Mariana four years ago. The class action case was filed in the Liverpool High […]