An international first in Australian climate change litigation: Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility v Santos Ltd

Climate change

Author: Luke Villiers, PGMBM Associate In previous posts, PGMBM examined recent landmark climate change cases and litigation trends and the new European human rights and environmental due diligence legislative regime. As these posts show, environmental litigation is on the rise as individuals and organisations seek to ensure corporations and governments uphold their environmental and human […]

Client Communication in a Group Litigation Claim: Seven Steps to Success

Author: Michael Burke, Senior Associate Instructing a solicitor and starting a case, especially against a large, well-resourced defendant, can seem like a daunting task. To help PGMBM’s current and prospective clients understand the roles and responsibilities in a group litigation claim, and to advise what will be required of you to start and progress your […]

Climate Change through the Courts: Trends in Environmental Litigation

Environmental protection

Authors: Meabh Kirby and Dominique Ouwerkerk, Trainee Solicitors Environmental litigation is on the rise as individuals and organisations take to the courts to hold corporations and governments accountable under their environmental and human rights obligations. This article provides an overview of recent landmark climate change cases and litigation trends. Milieudefensie v Shell Case On 26 […]

Sorry, I don’t speak legalese: Arbitration


What is Alternative Dispute Resolution? Arbitration is a private court hearing where parties agree to be bound by the decision of the mediator. It is an alternative method to pursuing more formal litigation, which is commonly used to resolve disputes. Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution The main objectives of arbitration include: Confidentiality – the parties […]

Sorry, I don’t speak Legalese: Class Action

class action

Author: James Kempell, Paralegal ​ A class action is when a large group of affected people form a collective claim over a common legal issue. A class action is also sometimes called group litigation.   The class action will form one single claim of representative action against a defendant, person, or organisation for alleged wrongdoing.  Types […]

Securities Group Actions In The UK – Opportunities And Uncertainties For Investors

Author: Janice Tang, Associate at PGMBM It is evident that there has been a marked rise in group securities litigation globally in recent years. This can be traced back to the 2010 US Supreme Court’s decision in Morrison v National Australia Bank 561 US 247 (2010), which restricted the extra-territorial effect of US securities legislation and in […]

ESG Litigation Finance: Investing In Accountability

Litigation finance

Litigation is a costly procedure. Available resources can substantially impact outcomes, and smaller players are often disadvantaged against large corporations. However, the growth in litigation finance is helping to balance the scales. By funding access to legal proceedings claiming for those unable to cover the costs, litigation finance democratises the access to justice and improves […]

Extension Of The Bangladesh Accord Commitments: An Opportunity For Access To Justice In Business And Human Rights Disputes

Authors: Jessica Pineda, Senior Associate, and Thais Stella, former Paralegal at PGMBM  The Rana Plaza Disaster is among the worst industrial accidents on record. On 24 April 2013, an eight-storey building that housed five garment factories collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh, killing at least 1,132 people and causing at least another 2,500 to be severely injured.1 Following reports […]

Breast Implant Victims Receive Positive Judgment After 10-Year Battle

Thousands of victims of the PIP Breast Implant Scandal will now receive compensation for their suffering, a French court has announced.   The victory comes 10 years after the women involved in the case began their fight for justice and this outcome could have far-reaching implications for other victims around the world.   PIP judgment   The judgment rules that the German safety body, TUV Rheinland, was negligent […]