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UK drivers one step closer to receiving Mercedes compensation

Mercedes-Benz has agreed to pay £1.7 billion to settle diesel emission cheat claims in the United States, meaning Mercedes UK drivers may be one step closer to getting the compensation they deserve.  In a statement, Daimler AG, the parent company of Mercedes, said that it expected costs of £1.14bn relating to the civil and environmental claims, and £535m relating to the consumer class action. While the US settlement is welcomed by PGMBM, British drivers may be entitled to far more.  “We welcome the news that a compensation package has been

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PGMBM’s Lisa Lunt interviewed by Sky News in Primodos investigation

A Sky News investigation into Primodos, a hormone pregnancy test, has been aired on TV, sharing the harsh realities of the impact the drug had on its victims.  PGMBM’s Head of Medical Liability, Lisa Lunt, was interviewed by Sky News for the Primodos investigation segment, sharing her thoughts on the latest evidence unveiled in the case. “I think that Liz’s freedom of information act request is incredibly important,” she said. “It shows that key changes were made to the report and I have not seen any evidence to suggest that

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Town destroyed by dam disaster

BHP to be Dammed?

On 5 November 2015, a devastating mudslide following the collapse of the Fundao Dam tore through Mariana, Brazil, destroying entire cities, decimating the environment and destroying historic, cultural and religious traditions in the area. 19 people lost their lives, tonnes of fish died, and over 600km of waterways were polluted in what is regarded as Brazil’s worst environmental disaster. The cause of this collapse is allegedly the negligence of Samarco, the mining company operating the fundao dam, which was created to dispose of toxic iron ore tailings from mine extraction. The company is

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Image of a baby being breastfed by a bottle

PGMBM Commits To Ensuring Justice As Independent 
Report Confirms Failures In British Healthcare

PGMBM has welcomed the publication of an independent report into the safety and side-effects of treatments recommended and administered by the British healthcare industry, including Primodos. After a two-year study, the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety (IMMDS) review was published by Baroness Cumberlege and entitled First Do No Harm. The report details the grim history of Primodos, a hormone pregnancy test drug, Sodium Valproate, an anti-epilepsy drug, and vaginal mesh used to support weakened pelvic organs and repair damaged tissue. It sets forth the various ways the regulators and

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PGMBM Initiates Legal Action Against Nissan and Renault

PGMBM has announced today that it is taking legal action against vehicle manufacturers Nissan and Renault, following allegations that illegal emissions defeat devices have been fitted in a number of cars and vans. Defeat devices are designed to sense when a car is under specific testing conditions, and accordingly turn on emissions controls, allowing the vehicle to falsely pass regulatory checks. PGMBM claim that, as a result of defeat devices, customers who owned or leased a Renault or Nissan car or van between 2009 and 2019 may have been deliberately

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Easyjet logo in data breach litigation

PGMBM instructs Serle Court in Easyjet Data Breach Litigation

PGMBM has instructed Sophie Holcombe and David Blayney QC of Serle Court in ongoing litigation against the aviation giant easyJet. In May, the airline announced that it had been subjected to a data theft attack, under which the confidential information of over nine million customers had been breached.  In over 2,000 cases, this included credit card details, alongside email addresses, names and travel itineraries. One of the UK’s largest data breaches to date, questions have been raised as to the efficacy of the cyber-security measures in place at easyJet, and

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