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PGMBM Initiates Legal Action Against Nissan and Renault

June 27th, 2020 PGMBM has announced today that it is taking legal action against vehicle manufacturers Renault and Nissan, following allegations that illegal emissions defeat devices have been fitted in a number of cars and vans. Defeat devices are designed to sense when a car is under specific testing conditions, and accordingly turn on emissions controls, allowing the vehicle to falsely pass regulatory checks. PGMBM claim that, as a result of defeat devices, customers who owned or leased a Renault or Nissan car or van between 2009 and 2019 may

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PGMBM instructs Serle Court in Easyjet Data Breach Litigation

June 26th, 2020 PGMBM has instructed Sophie Holcombe and David Blayney QC of Serle Court in ongoing litigation against the aviation giant easyJet. In May, the airline announced that it had been subjected to a data theft attack, under which the confidential information of over nine million customers had been breached.  In over 2,000 cases, this included credit card details, alongside email addresses, names and travel itineraries. One of the UK’s largest data breaches to date, questions have been raised as to the efficacy of the cyber-security measures in place

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Mercedes Diesel Emissions scandal: PGMBM will be acting on behalf of thousands of claimants who were affected

June 1st, 2020 PGMBM has filed a claim against Daimler AG, parent company of Mercedes-Benz, in the Liverpool High Court. The case relates to a Mercedes diesel emissions scandal, which involves the use of defeat devices (also called ‘cheat devices’) on an estimated half million Mercedes diesel vehicles first registered between 2007 and 2018 in the United Kingdom. These defeat device software systems change the way the vehicles function in test scenarios, to help them meet required emissions and performance levels, when in day-to-day use, the vehicles would in fact

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PGMBM Issues Class Action Claim On Behalf Of EasyJet Customers Over Major Data Breach

May 22nd, 2020 EasyJet Data Breach: PGMBM Issues Class Action Claim On Behalf Of Customers The EasyJet data breach was announced by the airline group on 19th May 2020. EasyJet publicly admitted that the sensitive personal data of nine million customers from around the world had been exposed in a “sophisticated” data breach. The cyber-attack took place in January 2020, but despite notifying the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office at that time, EasyJet waited four months before notifying its customers, who suffered a loss of privacy and weren’t even made aware

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SPG Law is now PGMBM: Learn about the rebrand

May 13, 2020 Our lawyers are dedicated to helping ordinary people fight for justice against the largest multinational corporations in the world. We are passionate about holding these corporate giants to account for the devastating and often irreparable damage they have inflicted on people and the environment. We are currently taking on companies such as BHP, British Airways and Volkswagen to secure the compensation our clients deserve. With PGMBM, we are growing our international team of leading solicitors and barristers to best equip the firm to expand the reach of

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High Court in London granted a Group Litigation Order following September 2018 British Airways data breach

LONDON, United Kingdom, October 2019   SPG Law, acting on behalf of thousands of BA customers in a group action lawsuit against embattled airline following its catastrophic 2018 data breach has been granted a group litigation order by the High Court in London.   British Airways is facing legal claims from thousands of customers whose sensitive personal data was stolen and compromised by third parties who breached the company’s online reservations systems.   In September 2018, BA announced that their online reservation systems had been accessed by an unauthorised third

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