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PGMBM secures £45 million funding partnership with North Wall Capital

International law firm PGMBM and leading European special situations investor North Wall Capital (North Wall) announce a new £45 million funding partnership to support us in the pursuit claims on behalf of consumers wronged by large corporations globally. North Wall’s investment brings the total capital raised to over £100 million and will support the firm as it continues to establish itself as a major global player in group and class-action litigation, antitrust and alternative dispute resolution. We are at the cutting edge of international consumer claims, including leading group cases

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UK Supreme Court rules that Uber drivers are officially workers

A Supreme Court decision has ruled that Uber drivers are workers, not third-party contractors. The decision has been labelled as ‘historic’ and could change the future of the gig economy.  As the Supreme Court is the highest court in the England and Wales, Uber will not be able to appeal this decision and drivers will now be entitled to national minimum wage and holiday pay.  Judges said that the contracts drivers were asked to sign ‘can be seen to have as their object precluding a driver from claiming rights conferred on

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PGMBM launch challenge to Government’s hotel quarantine policy

In response to the news that the Government would be enforcing a mandatory hotel quarantine policy, PGMBM is preparing to launch a legal challenge to stand up for the human rights of those entering the UK.   We believe that the hotel quarantine policy is unlawful in a number of different respects and should therefore be subject to judicial review.  Tom Goodhead, Barrister and Managing Partner of PGMBM, said: “We wholeheartedly appreciate the seriousness of the pandemic, its impact globally, and the efforts of governments and healthcare workers to tackle it.   “This does not, however, mean that policies which constitute extraordinary violations of

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UK Supreme Court allows appeal in a group litigation involving Shell

In a ground-breaking judgment, the UK Supreme Court allowed an appeal in a group litigation against the oil and gas company Shell plc. The decision will allow 42,500 Nigerian victims to continue their fight for justice in England. Quest for justice Following a hearing held in June 2020, the UK Supreme Court last week allowed an appeal from the Court of Appeal’s decision in the case of Okpabi and others (Appellants) v Royal Dutch Shell Plc and another (Respondents) [2018] EWCA Civ 191. The ongoing litigation involves 42,500 individuals, all

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GDPR: Your data, under your command

At PGMBM, one of our specialist areas of practice is data breach litigation. We are currently helping the victims of a number of data breaches receive justice and compensation. We understand the legalities surrounding data handling and the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/67 (GDPR) can often feel overwhelming, so we have shared our expertise to help create a better understanding of the matter.    The progress of data protection   In 1977, Germany became the first state in the world to enforce laws concerning data protection. Needless to say, human dependence on technology for the collecting, storing, and using of data has grown considerably since 1977. In

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Red car exhaust smoke

Over a million vehicles failed MOTs in 2020 due to exhaust emissions

A record number of vehicles failed their MOT tests in 2020 due to issues relating to potentially harmful exhaust emissions. Sources indicate that 1.3 million vehicles were implicated, with diesel cars guilty of the most significant surge in emission failures. The survey suggests that failures in 2020 increased by more than 70% when compared to pre-2018 when new guidance was offered. Government guidance The government has sought to address the issue of excess vehicle emissions, which are proven to be harmful to the environment and to the health of the

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