PGMBM help settle British Airways Data Breach Claim on confidential terms

As the court-appointed lead solicitors, PGMBM is pleased to announce that litigation with British Airways has been resolved on confidential terms.   The UK mediation between legal representatives for claimants and British Airways Plc was resolved on confidential terms.  Harris Pogust, PGMBM Chairman, said: “We are very pleased to have come to a resolution on this matter after constructive mediation with British Airways. […]

GDPR: Your data, under your command

At PGMBM, one of our specialist areas of practice is data breach litigation. We are currently helping the victims of a number of data breaches receive justice and compensation. We understand the legalities surrounding data handling and the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/67 (GDPR) can often feel overwhelming, so we have shared our expertise to help create a better understanding of the matter.    The […]

British Airways Data Breach Claim becomes biggest of its kind in the UK

The 2018 BA Data Breach Claim has become the largest group action personal data claim in UK history, with over 16,000 victims seeking compensation from the airline. PGMBM are the lead solicitors in the group litigation case against British Airways on behalf of victims. We expect that victim compensation could be up to £2,000, putting […]

British Airways Data Breach: ‘It’s time for victims to be compensated’

PGMBM have welcomed the decision from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to levy British Airways’s fine over their 2018 breach. We believe it is now time for the half a million BA customers affected by the breach to be compensated. Harris Pogust, Partner, commented: “Unfortunately Covid-19 has taken a significant toll on the airline industry […]

PGMBM instructs Serle Court in Easyjet Data Breach Litigation

Easyjet logo in data breach litigation

PGMBM has instructed Sophie Holcombe and David Blayney QC of Serle Court in ongoing litigation against the aviation giant easyJet. In May, the airline announced that it had been subjected to a data theft attack, under which the confidential information of over nine million customers had been breached.  In over 2,000 cases, this included credit […]

PGMBM Issues Class Action Claim On Behalf Of easyJet Customers Over Major Data Breach

easyJet Data Breach: PGMBM Issues Class Action Claim On Behalf Of Customers The easyJet data breach was announced by the airline group on 19th May 2020. easyJet publicly admitted that the sensitive personal data of nine million customers from around the world had been exposed in a “sophisticated” data breach. The cyber-attack took place in […]

9 million easyJet customers have data stolen in latest breach

Easyjet data breach claim

Around 9 million easyJet customers have had their data breached in a ‘sophisticated’ cyber-attack, the airline has announced.   Email addresses and travel details were stolen by cyber-criminals and more than 2,200 customers have also had their credit and debit card details ‘accessed’, including CVV numbers.    The ICO  easyJet informed the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office in January […]