Eleanore Buisson

OUR BLOG An Interview With PGMBM’s Eléonore Buisson With Sciences Po 17 March 2021 One of PGMBM’s many talented paralegals, Eléonore Buisson, recently graduated with a Masters in Economic Law from the Sciences Po Law School, 2020.  Eléonore has spoken with Sciences Po about her law school experiences, her recruitment into PGMBM and her current role’s […]

Peugeot test

news about our work Peugeot And Renault Charged With Diesel Emissions Fraud  21 June 2021 Prosecutors in France have charged both Peugeot and Renault over claims they cheated emissions testing in many of their diesel vehicles.   Senior managers were accused of deceit for using ‘fraudulent strategies’ and committing emissions fraud by falsifying emissions test results and cheating emissions laws, especially in vehicles sold between […]

Victims of crime and discrimination

Victims of Crime and Discrimination PGMBM is steadfast in its commitment to representing all classes of victims around the world. In addition to its expansive international class action practice, we are proud to represent the interests of individual and small group plaintiffs with a special focus on the civil representation of victims of violent crime, […]

Orange Juice

Orange juice

COMPETITION LAW ORANGE JUICE Brazil is the largest producer of orange juice in the world. In the late 1980s a number of companies in the industry engaged in colluding cartel behaviour and shared confidential competitive information to increase their control of the market by pushing out independent competitors. This scheme was successful and by 1999 […]



INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATON PETROBRAS The arbitration case follows a set of criminal investigations, initiated by the Brazilian Federal Police, named “Car Wash”, relating to corruption and bribery within Petrobras S.A.  Operation Car Wash is the biggest investigation of corruption and money laundering in Brazil’s history, resulting in the investigation of around two thousand Petrobras employees. As […]

Uber drivers compensation

EMPLOYMENT LAW UBER DRIVERS COMPENSATION CLAIM In February 2021, the UK Supreme Court ruled that Uber drivers should be considered workers rather than self-employed contractors. This ruling was Uber’s last appeal, as the Supreme Court is Britain’s highest court and has the final say on legal matters. The court considered several elements, including the fact […]



MEDICAL PRODUCT LIABILITY Primodos Primodos and other forms of Hormone Pregnancy Tests (HPT) were pills given to women in between 1956 and 1978 by GPs to test for pregnancy. These hormone-based drugs worked by triggering a period if the woman was not pregnant and replaced urine-based samples as a faster way to obtain results. These […]

Transvaginal Mesh

MEDICAL PRODUCT LIABILITY TRANSVAGINAL MESH   Urogynaecological meshes (known as ‘transvaginal meshes’ or ‘TVM’) are used to treat women suffering from medical conditions, such as pelvic organ prolapse, which are particularly common after childbirth. The aim of the mesh is to give support to weakened organs and to repair damaged tissues and fitting it requires […]



MEDICAL PRODUCT LIABILITY ESSURE An estimated 100,000 women in the UK have been fitted with an Essure implant, a device manufactured by the multinational pharmaceutical company, Bayer. The implant, which was available on the NHS and administered in just 15 minutes in GP surgeries, was offered women a ‘non-surgical alternative’ to traditional sterilisation methods. It […]

Volkswagen Diesel Claim


DIESELGATE Volkswagen DIESEL FRAUD CLAIM Between 2008 and 2016, Volkswagen sold millions of vehicles worldwide, including 1.2 million in the UK, which emitted levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NOx), a pollutant seriously harmful to human health, in excess of the limits laid down by Regulations imposed by the European Union.  The vehicles only passed emissions tests […]