The Public Health Legacy of Dieselgate

The Dieselgate scandal rocked the car industry in 2015 when carmakers were caught cheating vehicle emissions tests. Seven years later, very little has changed.    There are still an estimated 8.5 million vehicles on UK roads that pollute several times above the legal limit. These vehicles are not limited to one manufacturer or a few models […]

Mariana dam disaster claim gains media attention after landmark judgment released

In a landmark judgment released on 8 July 2022, over 200,000 claimants have been given the go-ahead to pursue litigation in the courts of England and Wales over the Mariana dam collapse. The Court of Appeal unanimously granted jurisdiction in the English courts to hear the case against one of the biggest companies in the […]

Media attention gained for the Mariana dam disaster claim in the UK courts

Last month, PGMBM represented more than 200,000 victims of the Mariana dam disaster in the UK courts to support them in their fight for justice.   Throughout the week-long trial, an array of media outlets reported on the case.   Victims shared their stories, and information surrounding the case and its implications was highlighted to millions of […]

Three years on from Brumadinho dam disaster TÜV SÜD face €400 million lawsuit

On the third anniversary of the Brumadinho dam collapse in Brazil, PGMBM and Manner Spangenberg lawyers acting on behalf of victims of the disaster say the claims filed against German safety regulators TÜV SÜD has now reached over €400million. This week, the court in Munich has allowed the addition of over 1,100 new Claimants, bringing […]

2022: A decisive year for Mariana dam disaster victims

PGMBM is optimistic about the hearing in April when it will be decided whether the case can be tried in England. Since 2018, PGMBM has been committed to fighting for justice for the people affected by the Fundão dam rupture in Mariana. We believe that 2022 will be decisive for more than 200,000 people who […]