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Mercedes-Benz is under investigation for allegedly installing illegal emission ‘defeat devices’ to hundreds of thousands of its diesel cars and vans, used to cheat emissions testing and limits laid down by regulations imposed by law.

In 2018, the German Federal Motor Transport Authority forced a recall of 774,000 Mercedes vehicles in Europe, regarding the potential software fitted to mask diesel emissions. A year later, the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) identified five possible defeat devices that Mercedes could have been using to falsify lower emissions levels.  

Higher emissions of Nitrogen Dioxide (NOx) mean that customers may experience an increase in fuel bills and maintenance costs and that the performance of vehicles may be negatively affected. Moreover, diesel emissions are known to be harmful to adults, children, and the environment.

There are currently hundreds of cases involving Mercedes-Benz’s fraudulent actions pending in courts around the world. These cases include claims for damages and the right to return the vehicle without any financial losses.

PGMBM is representing tens of thousands of victims in the UK, and we are acting on a no-win, no-fee basis on behalf of all the individuals that were misled about the levels of pollutants that their vehicles were emitting. 

We believe affected customers should be compensated for the wrongdoings of Mercedes-Benz. If you purchased, financed or leased a diesel Mercedes car or van, manufactured between 2007 and 2018, you may be eligible to claim compensation.

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