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Vehicle manufacturers Nissan and Renault are currently being investigated for allegedly installing illegal emissions defeat devices in over a million cars and vans.

Defeat devices, used to cheat emissions regulations checks, are designed to sense when a car is under a testing procedure, and accordingly to limit the amount of emissions produced. In real world driving conditions, the emissions levels would be much higher. 

Nissan and Renault are the latest manufacturers to be investigated over illegal defeat device usage. In 2018, 774,000 Mercedes Benz’ cars or vans were recalled by the German Federal Motor Authority over the issue, following similar litigation against Volkswagen which has been ongoing since 2015 and has affected over 11 million cars worldwide.

Higher emissions of Nitrogen Dioxide may have negatively affected vehicle performance, forcing customers to pay increased maintenance and fuel bills, and to suffer from pulmonary problems as a result of toxicants in the air.

PGMBM, who are currently litigating against both Mercedes and Volkswagen, are acting on a no win, no fee basis on behalf of individuals who have been misled about emissions levels emitted by their vehicles. We believe Nissan and Renault should be held to account for their wrongdoing.

If you owned or leased a Nissan or Renault car or van between 2009 and 2019, you may be eligible to claim compensation of £10,000 or more.

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PGMBM (a trading name of Excello Law Limited) – SRA License Number 512898

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