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In February 2021, the UK Supreme Court ruled that Uber drivers should be considered workers rather than self-employed contractors. This ruling was Uber’s last appeal, as the Supreme Court is Britain’s highest court and has the final say on legal matters.

The court considered several elements, including the fact that:

• Uber set the fare, which meant that they dictated how much drivers could earn

• Uber set the contractual terms and drivers had no say in them

• Requests for rides are constrained by Uber who can penalise drivers if they reject too many rides

• Uber monitors a driver’s service through the star rating and has the discretion to terminate the relationship if, after repeated warnings, this does not improve

The Supreme Court decision marks the end for exploitative contracts for Uber drivers and may result in compensation for hundreds of thousands of drivers.

We believe that it is time for the unfair treatment of Uber drivers to stop and for current and former Uber drivers to claim the compensation that they deserve.

If you were an Uber driver at any point since July 2015, you may be eligible to join this claim. Current drivers are able to continue working for Uber and still join the claim.

We’ve made our sign up process as easy as possible for you. You can start your claim with us in under a minute as you will not need to provide any documents as part of the initial process.

PGMBM acts on a ‘No-Win, No-Fee’ basis, so it costs you nothing to sign up and join our claim now.


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