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PGMBM is steadfast in its commitment to representing all classes of victims around the world. In addition to its expansive international class action practice, we are proud to represent the interests of individual and small group plaintiffs with a special focus on the civil representation of victims of violent crime, sexual assault, discrimination, and harassment.

With a team that includes former violent crimes and sexual crimes prosecutors, we work tirelessly to hold accountable not only the abusers and criminals responsible for the victimization of our clients and their loved ones, but all of those entities who enabled or contributed to their suffering. These entities often include, but are not limited to: 

– Corporations and Employers 
– Individual Business and Property Owners 
– Property Management Associations 
– Educational Institutions 
– Religious Institutions 
– National Youth Groups and Optimist Organizations 
– Hotels and Resorts 
– Foster Care and Day Care Facilities 
– Law Enforcement Agencies
– Professional, Collegiate and Youth Sports Organizations 

We encourage you to reach out our team and discuss your rights as a victim of crime or discrimination today. 

PGMBM (a trading name of Excello Law Limited) – SRA License Number 512898

Excello Law is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and complies with the Solicitors Code of Conduct, a copy of which can be located here.