Juliana Tamashiro

PA & Office Manager Assistant

Juliana graduated from the Mackenzie University with a degree in Law. She also holds MBAs in Tax Law and Private Civil Law.

Juliana is a qualified lawyer with over 9 years’ experience in both government departments and private and public companies. She is an Office Manager assistant and a C-level assistant, she is responsible for getting everyone what they need in a timely manner 24/7. Doing volunteer work for many years has steered her towards a company that has a strong sense of purpose and social responsibility. Results driven, communicative and attentive to details, she is a seasoned professional who has found her true calling in reaching out to people in need.

Before joining PGMBM, Juliana lent her expertise to several companies in different sectors, where she navigated through the intricate Brazilian legal system, especially Public Law, Civil Law, Licensing contracts, among other subjects.

Juliana is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

PGMBM (a trading name of Excello Law Limited) – SRA License Number 512898