Sorry, I don’t speak Legalese: Cause of Action

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cause of action is any event that makes a party liable (defendant) to the claiming party (claimant) for the mentioned cause. The mentioned action is a legal action, such as taking a party to court for infringing your legal rights. This can lead to the party having to pay the suffering party compensation. 

A key example of a cause of action is the breach of a purchase contract. Another could be unfair treatment during employment. 

Why is cause of action an important phrase to know? 

PGMBM believe it is vital that everyone has an idea of this phrase because it has a valuable meaning. It could save you mental, physical and financial distress or even act as the saving grace in losses suffered. 

If you know all of the causes of action available to you as a buyer of goods, as an employee or somebody who owns a copyright, this puts you in a great position if you ever may need to exercise your rights. 

Your rights are usually contractual but can also arise from being human!  

For example, the European Convention on Human Rights protects the human rights of all people in Europe and have in the past adjudicated against governments as well as large institutions. 

What are the steps from cause of action to resolution? 

Identifying a cause of action is the starting point of a legal claim against the liable party.  

As a Claimant law firm, we represent our clients with the same starting material: a cause of action. 

Then, the Court process begins and lawyers and judges decide on whether claims for causes of action are time-barred 

This is an important step. Some causes of action can expire due to law about limitation periods that can range from 2-12 years. 

Limitation is one of but many hurdles faced before an eventual decision is made about awarding compensation.  

It is likely that an action will be rejected by the party against which the cause is being alleged. We prefer that a Judge makes the decision regarding who is right or wrong in the situation of a breach of contract or in deciding the cause of personal injury. 

To get from cause of action to compensation is the work of the law firm representing the party who have been wronged as Claimant.  

Key causes of action that PGMBM have applied to represent impacted parties 

The main cause of action that PGMBM specialises in are:  

• Breach of contract  

• Personal injury 

We also claim several causes of action in some cases. This allows us to spot the widest amounts of issues and protect our clients in an all-encompassing way. We enjoy representing our clients and are aware of the number of causes of action that exist, across a wide range of legally binding obligations. 

Author: Dylan Patel, Paralegal

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