Sorry, I don’t speak Legalese: Group Litigation

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What is group litigation?

Group litigations take place when your claim is managed collectively with the claims of other individuals. Courts grant Group Litigation Orders (GLO) when multiple claims give rise to the same issues. Your claim may be treated as part of a group litigation if other claimants are seeking compensation for similar damages caused by the behaviour of the same defendant(s).

Group actions are usually brought against large companies or corporations whose behaviour has directly resulted in losses suffered by you and other claimants.

You may even be unaware of these losses until you learn about investigations against the defendant corporations in the media, or by law firms announcing GLOs they have filed.

PGMBM prides itself in its group action expertise. By pooling claims together we help individuals seek justice without having to face the risk of taking big corporations to court. Joining a group litigation with us enables your claim to be fought with efficient legal processes and the best & brightest lawyers from around the globe – maximising any compensation you may receive.

One of the most famous recent group litigations is the Volkswagen ‘dieselgate’ scandal, where PGMBM (previously SPG Law) has been appointed a lead firm by the courts.

Volkswagen reportedly installed ‘defeat devices’ in their vehicles to falsely pass emission tests and break emissions regulations.

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