SPG Law is now PGMBM: Learn about the rebrand

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May 13, 2020

Our lawyers are dedicated to helping ordinary people fight for justice against the largest multinational corporations in the world. We are passionate about holding these corporate giants to account for the devastating and often irreparable damage they have inflicted on people and the environment. We are currently taking on companies such as BHP, British Airways and Volkswagen to secure the compensation our clients deserve.

At PGMBM, we are growing our international team of leading solicitors and barristers to best equip the firm to expand the reach of our services to help even more people. Today, we are proud to have an even larger team of legal professionals than before, who are passionate about helping the victims of injustice.

Our expansion has brought with it the new name: PGMBM. This represents the partners who have been dedicated to our clients and our mission from day 1.

While our name has changed, our ethos remains the same. We are a law firm with a strong belief that everyone is entitled to justice and our lawyers are dedicated to serving ordinary people who have suffered at the hands of multinational corporations.


Why did SPG change its name to PGMBM?

It represents the growth of our company and the entry of our new partners. PGMBM are the initials of the surnames of the partners of the firm.

I am an SPG client. Can the name change to PGMBM affect me in any way?

Not at all. Changing the name of the company has no effect on ongoing cases or contracts with clients. We continue our work and reinforce our commitment to our clients to provide the best international legal advice in cases involving complex issues against multinationals around the world.

I am an SPG co-counsel. Can the name change to PGMBM affect me in any way?

Not at all. Changing the company name has no effect on ongoing cases or contracts with co-counsels; our relationship remains the same.

Are the employees of SPG the same as those of PGMBM?

Yes. Our employees remain the same. The name change represents our office’s growth.

Will SPG stop working in any case due to the name change to PGMBM?

Not at all. We continue to work on the same cases.

Can the name change affect any claim filed by SPG?

Not at all. The name change does not affect the progress of claims litigated by our office.

Where is PGMBM based?

Our headquarters hasn’t changed either; it remains in England – Liverpool and London.

PGMBM (a trading name of Excello Law Limited) – SRA License Number 512898

Excello Law is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and complies with the Solicitors Code of Conduct, a copy of which can be located here.