UK drivers one step closer to receiving Mercedes compensation

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Mercedes-Benz has agreed to pay £1.7 billion to settle diesel emission cheat claims in the United States, meaning Mercedes UK drivers may be one step closer to getting the compensation they deserve.

In a statement, Daimler AG, the parent company of Mercedes, said that it expected costs of £1.14bn relating to the civil and environmental claims, and £535m relating to the consumer class action.

While the US settlement is welcomed by PGMBM, British drivers may be entitled to far more.

“We welcome the news that a compensation package has been agreed in principle in the US, but Mercedes have really gotten off very lightly there, Thomas Goodhead, Managing Partner at PGMBM, said.

“This is a tacit admission that they abused the trust of their customers by egregiously misleading them in the pursuit of profit.”

The group litigation claim that we have filed in Liverpool High Court against Daimler aims to get justice for the UK victims involved in the scandal.

Over 75,000 diesel Mercedes owners have already signed up with PGMBM to represent them in the group litigation.

One million drivers in England and Wales may be eligible to join the group litigation claim for diesel Mercedes vehicles they leased or owned between 2007 and 2018 (check whether you’re eligible). These vehicles were allegedly fitted with illegal devices to cheat emissions regulations by falsifying nitrogen oxide (NOx) levels.

Higher emissions of NOx pollutants can cause an increase in fuel and maintenance costs, as well as impairing vehicle performance. Toxic diesel emissions are also extremely harmful to people, especially children.

The Royal College of Physicians claim that illegal levels of air pollution result in over 40,000 early deaths per year.

Tom Goodhead continued, “The class-action case against Mercedes gives the opportunity for us to hold Mercedes to account for its unlawful and deceitful actions, and we are very confident that consumers here will be entitled to far heftier compensation.

“Legally, consumers could be entitled to anything up to the full cost of the vehicles in question. Based on other similar legal actions around the world, we believe that £10,000 per claimant should be expected.”

If you owned or leased a Mercedes car or van manufactured between 2007 and 2018, you could be entitled to join the group litigation.

Find out whether you’re eligible and start your claim now. 

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